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The Top Ten Health Nexus Articles in 2020

As we near the end of this unprecedented year, here is a look back on our most popular stories of the year.

From how to schedule telemedicine appointments, to how to differentiate a cold or allergies from COVID-19, to how this novel virus could be affecting your period, to ways to boost your immunity. These are 10 of the most-read stories that sorted fact from fiction over the past 12 months.

10. Holiday Travel Tips: How to Stay Safe During COVID-19

After months and months of stay at home orders, everyone began to wonder: can you really go home this year for the holidays? We spoke with Dr. Michael Barnish, an infectious diseases and travel medicine specialist, about how we can stay safe and healthy while traveling this holiday season.

female doctor in a telehealth appointment on a laptop computer

9. Turning to Telemedicine in the Wake of Coronavirus

By mid-March, the reality of the COVID-19 virus hit hard. With many shutdowns in place, doctors urged patients to stay home and utilize telehealth for any of their medical needs. Dr. Aditi Joshi, Medical Director of JeffConnect, answered commonly asked questions surrounding how you can make the most of a telehealth appointment.

Mobile COVID-19 virus testing sites in a hospital parking lot in Philadelphia

8. Mobile Testing for Coronavirus Now at All Major TJUH Sites

It was necessary to act quickly as soon as COVID-19 hit Jefferson hospitals, and establishing mobile-testing sites at Jefferson was an important way to start combatting the virus. Since the initial opening of five locations, three additional testing sites have been added to the list, including two no-cost sites and a partnership with the Philadelphia International Airport for those seeking tests before or after a flight.

Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, PA during autumn.

7. Why Breathing Cold Air Hurts Your Lungs

From breathing in colder air to poor indoor air quality, many culprits could be affecting your breathing – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Jefferson pulmonologist Dr. Michael Scharf shared his expertise on how to best protect your lungs during the winter.

Pensive woman looking out a window

6. Do At-home Remedies for Vaginitis Work?

While 75% of women will experience at least one vaginitis condition during their lifetime, many will treat it at home and not receive proper diagnosis or treatment. Nurse practitioner Kannika Story and Dr. Paul Nyirjesy discussed the different causes of vaginitis and the importance of treating symptoms properly.

Small bowls of a variety of colorful vitamins.

5. Boosting Your Immune System – Fact vs. Fiction

Immune-boosting trends have been circulating throughout the pandemic, but knowing which ones are clinically proven to work can be difficult. To learn about the science behind sought-after supplements linked to immune function, we spoke to experts from both The Marcus Institute of Integrative Health and gastroenterology and hepatology at Jefferson Health.

Woman laying in bed holding her ear in pain.

4. Complaints of Ringing Ears Increase During COVID-19

Throughout the pandemic, an increase in claims of “ears ringing” arose. To find out the cause behind this problem, we spoke to Dr. Alexandra Costlow, an audiologist from the Hearing and Balance Center, to see how to monitor tinnitus and how to treat this condition.

Woman sitting on public transportation wearing a mask while texting on her phone.

3. Summer Colds vs. Coronavirus: Here’s What You Should Know

The similarities between colds and COVID-19 concerned many. How can you tell if your symptoms are simply a cold and when should you worry if it could be more serious? Dr. John Zurlo, division director of infectious disease at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, explained the differences in symptoms and how you can treat them from home.

A meadow at sunset with tall grass and wildflowers.

2. Is It Seasonal Allergies or Coronavirus?

Loss of smell is an early sign of COVID-19, but it’s also a symptom of seasonal allergies. Dr. John Cohn, Jefferson allergist, explained the different ways that symptoms overlap, what to look out for, and how to ease any symptoms you may have.

woman laying on a couch with arm overhead in pain while holding a hand to her stomach.

1. How the Coronavirus Could Be Affecting Your Period

Lifestyle changes can affect many different parts of your health, including your period. The stress of the pandemic could be the cause of changes to one’s menstrual cycle. Dr. Beth Schwartz, a Jefferson gynecologist, stressed you’re not alone if you see changes and emphasized the importance of open communication with your care team when navigating health concerns.

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