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Podcast: Weight Management Tips and the Truth About Bariatric Surgery

Setting yourself up for success and being mindful can help you to maintain a healthy weight year round.

Bariatric surgeon Dr. Candice Chipman notes that 60% of the country is obese, yet only 2% are seeking help from a bariatric surgeon when other weight loss methods fail. A misconception about the reason to seek bariatric surgery could be the culprit. She explains the various benefits of this type of surgery and why it isn’t simply about physical appearance.

Then, registered dietician Alexandra Agasar offers tips that you can implement into your life today to manage a healthy weight year-round.

Read more on The Health Nexus about how you can manage your weight during holidays, celebrations and year-round and snack on a dietician’s tips on how to create long-lasting resolutions for a healthier you.

Looking to connect with the Jefferson Health Comprehensive Weight Management Center? Learn more here.

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