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Podcast: Living with Long COVID and New Hopes for Treatment

After a mild case of COVID, the lasting effects are proving to be severe for three Philadelphia women. Alternative medicine is offering hope.

The term Long COVID, also known as Long-Haul COVID, has been recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for post-COVID conditions and symptoms affecting patients for multiple weeks after their initial infections. Patients experience a string of strange symptoms like brain fog, rashes and weight loss. Newly released guidance from the Biden Administration now categorizes “long COVID” as a physical or mental impairment, entitling qualified individuals with the illness to discrimination protections under the American Disabilities Act.

In a quest to find answers, many patients have turned to social media to figure out what is happening to their bodies. In this episode, three women discuss their symptoms, their discovery that it’s COVID-related, and how vitamin C infusions, food elimination and other alternative practices are bringing hope to their otherwise hopeless journey.

For more information on integrative medicine to treat long COVID, check out Marcus Institute of Integrative Health.

Read more from our experts on Long COVID and learn about Jefferson’s involvement in a CDC study on the condition. Plus, read more from one of the women featured in the episode, Alexandra Hackett.

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