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Podcast: How to Regain Your Taste and Smell After COVID

Episode 14 of The Health Nexus Podcast

Loss of smell, which also leads to a loss of taste, is common in respiratory viruses. Roughly 35% to 70% of COVID patients report a loss of those senses. The symptoms can be alarming, especially when they persist well after other symptoms of the virus have dissipated. Luckily, there are ways to regain your smell and taste.

Dr. David Rosen checks the nasal passages of a patient

In this episode, Dr. David Rosen from Jefferson’s Department of Otolaryngology discusses smell training, over the counter remedies, and a clinical trial using platelet rich plasma aimed at helping patients get back their sense of smell.

If you’re interested in learning more about the clinical trial, please call 215-955-6760.

Read more from Dr. Rosen on how you can get your smell and taste back. And check out other articles on how the pandemic is affecting our bodies and when to schedule a mammogram after receiving your COVID vaccine.

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