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Research & Innovation

Life-Saving Drugs on Craigslist
Research shows a market for the sale of essential medications for asthma and diabetes, typically at lower prices on a popular online market-place.
Sleep Could Be the Missing Link in Certain Types of Dementia
In patients with dementia, a sleep deficits may link accumulation of beta-amyloid in the brain to cognitive impairment.
Summoning the Troops
to Attack Colon Cancer
Creating a promising cancer vaccine from scratch is a multigenerational effort.
Are Cholesterol Lowering Medications Right for Older Adults?
While useful for many patients, statins may not be the right choice for seniors.
Can I Get a Stroke, Even if I’m Young and Healthy?
Five things you thought you knew about stroke.
Using Artificial Intelligence to Predict Risk of Thyroid Cancer on Ultrasound
Animated video shows how machine learning could predict risk of malignancy in thyroid nodules.
Microbubbles Could Make Breast Cancer More Susceptible to Radiation Therapy
Bursting oxygen-filled microbubbles could make breast tumors three times more sensitive to radiation therapy in preliminary tests.
Seven Tips for Better Brain Health
New research shows how one method reduced risk of memory loss by 88 percent.
Culturally Competent Care for Muslim Patients
Nurses and other health professional are in a position to have a tremendous impact.
Can Telehealth Aid in Disaster Relief?
Technology could improve healthcare response during a disaster, yet it is rarely used.
Is Surgery Right for Frail Adults with Heart Failure?
Patients showed improvement after surgery for left-ventricular-assist-device (LVAD).