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Research & Innovation

New Research on COVID-19 and Pregnancy
New findings shed further light on how the coronavirus affects pregnant women and add evidence for safety and protection of vaccines.
Managing Periods as a Transgender or Non-Binary Teen
Expert advice on navigating your healthcare options when menstruation causes distress and dysphoria.
Jefferson Investigates: Guts to Joints, Traffic Patterns of Brain Molecules, and Immature Contacts in Alzheimer’s
The normal role of a gene involved in familiar Alzheimer’s, neuronal clean-up crews, and how the gut microbiome might affect osteoarthritis
The Hidden Faces of Health Care
From analyzing cancer biomarkers to detecting dangerous pathogens, medical laboratory scientists work behind the scenes to improve and even save patient lives.
Study Looks to Break the Barriers to Colorectal Cancer Screening through Research, Community, and Connection
A medical-oncologist shares how local research is tackling key barriers to care to help improve rates of screening and early detection.
Capturing the Experiences of New Mothers during COVID-19
New moms participate in a research project to document the early weeks of motherhood with photos, and reflect on the challenges and adaptations of the pandemic.
A Targeted Approach to Tackle Racial Disparities in Prostate Cancer
Combining epidemiological mapping and community outreach, researchers target educational interventions to populations in Philadelphia at highest risk for the disease.
Hope Leads to Transformation from Grief
How counselors can help clients cultivate hope and self-compassion after losing a loved one.
Should I Be Worried About
Fatty Liver Disease?
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is serious but preventable. Learn if you’re at risk.
Caring For the Physical Health of Those With Mental Illness
Researchers look into methods to reduce the early mortality in those with serious mental illnesses.
Why Telehealth is Not Meeting the Needs of African Americans with Diabetes
Mistrust in physicians kept some Black patients with diabetes from using these services during the pandemic.