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Podcast: How 21-Minute Walks Can Greatly Impact Your Health
Lace up those sneakers! Dr. Christine Marschilok joins the latest episode of The Health Nexus Podcast to validate walking as a legitimate form of exercise and break down its many benefits.
Podcast: Anxiety and What to Know Before Starting Medication
Adult psychiatrist Dr. Tal Weinberger joins the podcast to normalize anxiety and offer actionable steps when it feels overwhelming, including positive lifestyle choices and starting anti-anxiety medication.
Podcast: Dr. John Zurlo on the COVID-19 Bivalent Booster, Monkeypox and Polio
Infectious diseases expert and chair of the Jefferson Enterprise COVID-19 Task Force brings us up to speed on the latest information on COVID, monkeypox and polio, plus, his thoughts on masking going into the flu season.
Podcast: Personal Stories of the Impact of Racism against Asian Americans during COVID-19
In this episode, emergency medicine physician Dr. Xiao Chi Zhang and Sara Campbell share their experiences of racism and how they’ve found support by telling their stories. Plus, psychiatrist Dr. Deanna Nobleza weighs in on the trauma of the pandemic, its ripple effects and the importance of self-care.
Podcast: Should You Be Worried About Fatty Liver Disease?
The disease may lead to a liver transplant, but can also be reversed with healthy lifestyle choices.
Podcast: Cardiologist Travels to Ukraine to Provide Medical Care to Refugees
In this episode, meet Dr. Alex Hajduczok, a first year cardiologist fellow, who spent nine days at the Polish/Ukrainian border, providing care to refugees and reconnecting with his Ukrainian roots.
Podcast: Two Year COVID-19 Update with Dr. John Zurlo
Dr. Zurlo, infectious disease specialist, says high vaccination rates and immunity levels are a good sign for the future and reflects on the past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Podcast: What You Need to Know About the National Blood Crisis
A shortage of blood products has impacted health systems nationally. Find out what that means for you and what you can do to help.
Podcast: Weight Management Tips and the Truth About Bariatric Surgery
Setting yourself up for success and being mindful can help you to maintain a healthy weight year round.
Podcast: COVID Update- Omicron variant, Antibody Therapies, and At-Home Testing
Chief of Infectious Diseases reminds public to avoid Emergency Rooms for testing, at-home tests are sufficient
Podcast: Managing Stress Around Coming Out for Members of the LGBTQ+ Community
A healthy diet can help to support a good mental state and alleviate stress.