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Patient Perspectives

Why MANNA Matters as Part of My Healthcare
South Philly resident Peter Clayton is 80 years old, diabetic, on oxygen 24/7 and sometimes can't even walk five feet before needing a break. Here, he shares the comfort in receiving meals from MANNA for himself and his wife.
Connected Heart, Soul – and Kidney
Two twenty-somethings share a living donor journey and tattoos to remember the life-saving adventure.
This Throat Cancer Survivor and Laryngectomy Patient Cheers on the Phillies as a Hostess
A laryngectomy to battle throat cancer didn’t stop Barbara Kuhn from pursuing her dream retirement job – being a hostess for the Phillies.
When Gina Decided to Save Herself
Women who are pregnant with opioid use disorder not only need to battle the disease of addiction, but also the stigma that threatens both their lives and that of their unborn children.
It Happened to Me: An Overdue Dentist Visit Revealed Mouth Cancer
What started out for John Wilson as a long-procrastinated trip to the dentist for a simple check-up ended in a surreal odyssey through the complexities of head and neck cancer.
My Son Gave His Life and Saved Others
Christine Royal lost her son Shamir to gun violence, a month shy of his 21st birthday. She shares why she made the decision to donate his organs and how giving to others has helped her throughout the healing process.
From Grouch to Proud of My Pouch
Anna Hughes was in her early twenties when her Crohn’s disease changed the course of her life forever. Here, she writes about the lessons in strength and beauty she gleaned through her struggle and eventual peace with her medical journey.
Getting Back on Her Feet – and Behind the Wheel – Again!
One night in January, Zellis was talking with a friend outside her apartment. Two cars crashed at an intersection, and one slammed into Zellis as she stood on the sidewalk. In that second her life was never the same.
Life After Simultaneous Transplant – Gone Fishing
William Bruce shares his transformational journey getting a kidney and pancreas transplant, and how he is making the most out of his second chance at life.
Retired Phillies Player Won’t Be Sidelined
Doug Clemens is used to handling life’s curveballs, but debilitating lower-back pain threatened to bench him.