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Patient Perspectives

A Breast Cancer Diagnosis Followed Finding a Small Lump, But This NJ Mom Is Fighting
Christina is surrounded by the support of her family and friends as she receives integrated care in both New Jersey and Center City and undergoes radiation treatment on the Linear Accelerator (LINAC) machine, a new state-of-the-art technology available.
Gastric Sleeve Surgery Reveals Rare Cancer Recurrence For New Jersey Mom
Cristin Polizzi overcame a rare form of cancer and may have never known of its recurrence if it wasn’t for weight loss surgery. Now she enjoys a new lease on life with her daughter.
A Survival Story: How One Man Beat the Dire Odds of Pancreatic Cancer
Joseph Derillo knew the odds of surviving this deadly cancer were low, but enduring a complex Whipple procedure and chemotherapy saved his life.
Shedding Light on the Experiences Transgender and Non-Binary Patients Face in the Doctor’s Office
Amplifying Voices: A collaborative research team works with the transgender community to gather perspectives on barriers to care, unique health needs, and discrimination.
How One Woman’s Weight-Loss Surgery Helped Her Save Her Father’s Life
New Jersey resident Diane Juliano could have never predicted the victories that would follow her successful weight-loss surgery and management.
I Ran Marathons. Then COVID-19 Caught up With Me.
Alexandra Hackett tested negative for COVID-19 back in March when she had flu-like symptoms. Today, she faces terrifying “long-hauler” symptoms.
What I Wish People Knew About Surviving Breast Cancer
A closer look at the physical and emotional impacts that continue after treatment is over, and how to better support breast cancer survivors
Enlarged Prostate,
Cross-Country Flight During COVID-19, and Great Surgical Results
Minimally invasive HoLEP procedure, considered the gold-standard surgery for enlarged prostate, is unavailable in California. So, despite the pandemic, John Steinberg flew to Philadelphia.
An Annual Mammogram Made All the Difference for Cancer Survivor and CVICU Nurse Practitioner
Delaying her annual mammogram because of COVID-19 could have meant fewer cancer treatment options for Nicole Cavaliere.
From Loss of Fingers to Shortness of Breath, COVID-19 Has Long-term Effects
Vanessa Cassidy lost her thumb. Lakeisha Hollingsworth, who worked out every day, suffers from fatigue and extreme shortness of breath. Together, they are moving forward, reclaiming their lives—with courage and determination.
High Risk Father of Six Recovers From Severe COVID-19
Kevin Jackson’s life-changing battle with COVID-19 began at his dialysis appointment, from which he was rushed to the hospital after his temperature soared to 103 degrees.