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Patient Perspectives

15 Years Later, a Man Reflects on the Facial Tumor That Caused Him to Undergo Multiple Surgeries as a Teenager
Cameron Fromm was just 15 when he became one of the first Jefferson Health patients to have a rare tumor behind his nose removed endoscopically.
Three Local Moms Reflect on Motherhood During the Pandemic
Babies born after March 2020 have only ever known the world amid a pandemic. How did mothers cope with pregnancy and childbirth during COVID-19? Here, women share their unique experiences.
She Missed A Vacation, But Got Life’s Gift, Twice
A kidney and liver transplant recipient recounts her health journey that's led her back on track and on her feet again.
One Family’s Three-Year Odyssey to a Liver and Kidney Transplant
When Julie Conlan received the call that a donor had been found, she would not be deterred by COVID-19.
Making It to the Top Of the Rocky Steps After Paralysis
After slipping in a bathroom, leaving him paralyzed from the shoulders down, Chase Friedman set his sights on the iconic "Rocky Steps" in Philadelphia and vowed to walk again.
A Lost Dementia Patient Finds Her Way Back Home
Medical students were faced with the difficulties of reuniting a dementia patient with their family.
What I Wish People Knew About Living with Chronic Migraines
Yes, the chronic migraine attacks are daily and part of Sarah Ogden’s life. The diagnosis and pain crippled her before she found strength through lifestyle adoptions to regain control of her own health.
Mind Over Matter
One stroke patient's journey to help researchers understand if brain implants connected to a robotic arm brace can help him…and eventually other survivors…restore movement.
Receiving Pennsylvania’s First Robotic Aortic Valve Replacement Saved My Life
Facing heart failure, Brian Martin made a life-saving decision to get heart valve replacement after reflecting on the final words of his late father.
A Margin of Error
College of Nursing assistant professor Karen Alexander, PhD, RN, talks candidly and bravely about her unconscious bias that crept into the care she had once provided as a nurse.
What I Wish You Knew About My Endometriosis
How to be more empathetic for those suffering from endometriosis, a poorly studied disease that affects more than six million people in the U.S., and nearly 200 million worldwide.