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Patient Perspectives

What I Wish People Knew About Surviving Gun Violence
Amanda Lyons, 36, was playing kickball in a Fishtown playground when she was shot in the back and her life was forever changed. Here, she shares her physical and emotional recovery journey.
What I Wish People Knew About Facing Cancer with Your Spouse
A South Jersey couple shares how a recent breast cancer diagnosis has impacted their lives and how they’re supporting each other.
How a Near-Fatal Heart Murmur Changed a Physician’s Outlook
Family medicine physician Dr. Neil Skolnik dismissed symptoms months before he discovered his own heart murmur using his stethoscope in his office. His surgery journey will forever change his perspective on life.
William’s Early Lung Cancer Detection Success Story
We often hear about the importance of cancer screening within a context of fear. If you wait too long, it could be too late. But William’s lung cancer screening story is one of success and hope for the future.
Surviving Breast Cancer: How One Patient Found Strength in Advocacy and Lifestyle Changes
Kathleen Stremmel, 67, recounts her breast cancer treatment and how taking an active role in her health made a world of difference in her journey.
How a Genetics Test Revealed Stomach Cancer and Saved My Life
Sarah Miranda had no reason to believe in the life-altering possibilities of genetic testing, until results turned up a mutation connected to a rare form of stomach cancer.
What I Wish People Knew about Supporting Your Transgender Partner through Their Transition
Rose Perez, 23, shares how her life changed when her husband came out as a transgender man, and what she’s done, and continues to do, to support him.
The Realities of Top Surgery & How Transitioning Changed My Life
Xander Perez, 26, offers an update on his experience and recovery from top surgery and how it has taught him how much he can handle.
It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint:
My Battle with Long COVID
Alexandra Hackett has been battling long COVID for almost a year and half. Here, she shares an update on her journey to health, including frustrating setbacks and new holistic treatments with micronutrient infusions and acupuncture.
My Transition Journey and Becoming My ‘True Self’
From coming out, to starting his medical transition at age 26, Xander has faced many changes – and many small victories – that have helped him become who he’s always wanted to be.
Abnormal Blood Vessels
in the Brain, Once Unreachable,
Can Now Be Treated
An expertly performed neurosurgery ends brain bleeds and reverses neurologic deficits for a 25-year-old Bucks County patient.