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Patient Perspectives

A Life-Saving Discovery Got A 70-Year-Old Boxing Coach ‘Back in the Ring’
Gloria was used to rolling with the punches, but a rare pituitary cyst was a hit unlike anything she’s ever faced before.
Four Local Organ Donors Share Their Transformational Transplant Experiences
A shortage of available organs during the COVID-19 pandemic makes living donors even more crucial for those awaiting transplants.
In 24 Hours, She Donated Her Kidney and Saved Her Dad’s Life
The decision to donate her kidney to her father came easy to Lillian Santiago and a minimally invasive robotic surgery dramatically improved her recovery.
A Young Mom’s First-Hand Account Coping with a Rare Cancer Diagnosis
Jena Tracey, 35, shares what it was like getting an unexpected diagnosis and how she's persevered through intense treatment for a rare leg sarcoma.
Three Local Women Share Their Bariatric Surgery Success Stories
The decision to undergo bariatric surgery is life-changing. Here, women share their experience, including their struggles and victories.
What I Wish People Knew About Surviving Gun Violence
Amanda Lyons, 36, was playing kickball in a Fishtown playground when she was shot in the back and her life was forever changed. Here, she shares her physical and emotional recovery journey.
What I Wish People Knew About Facing Cancer with Your Spouse
A South Jersey couple shares how a recent breast cancer diagnosis has impacted their lives and how they’re supporting each other.
How a Near-Fatal Heart Murmur Changed a Physician’s Outlook
Family medicine physician Dr. Neil Skolnik dismissed symptoms months before he discovered his own heart murmur using his stethoscope in his office. His surgery journey will forever change his perspective on life.
William’s Early Lung Cancer Detection Success Story
We often hear about the importance of cancer screening within a context of fear. If you wait too long, it could be too late. But William’s lung cancer screening story is one of success and hope for the future.
Surviving Breast Cancer: How One Patient Found Strength in Advocacy and Lifestyle Changes
Kathleen Stremmel, 67, recounts her breast cancer treatment and how taking an active role in her health made a world of difference in her journey.
Sickle Cell Patients Need Our Compassion
Jefferson doctors, and long-time patient, Julius Adams, ask others to listen and understand the pain of sickle cell disease.