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Patient Perspectives

She Counts Co-workers as Her Heroes
Clinician Sharanda Williamson was hours away from a blood clot ending her life.
New Start at Life Following Double Transplant
Crystal Safford struggled with progressive heart disease, then heart failure and found out she needed a new heart and a new kidney.
What I Wish People Knew About Being a Young Adult with Multiple Sclerosis
A 25-year-old nurse with multiple sclerosis reflects on her unexpected diagnosis, how she’s learned to cope and how people can be supportive of others’ health journeys.
Michael Lucidonio Shares Reflections Two Years after COVID-19 Hospitalization
Tony Luke's son Michael Lucidonio remembers when he was put on a ventilator, confronting his own mortality, and shares an update on how he continues to recover today.
How a Former College Athlete Survived a Life-Threatening Pulmonary Embolism
What began as a routine recovery following surgery to repair a sports injury led to the discovery of a life-threatening pulmonary embolism.
The Importance of Colon Cancer Screening: A Mother’s Story of Survival
Kristine Patella was just 38 years old when diagnosed—a colonoscopy saved her life.
How One Woman Overcame Epilepsy Challenges Through Martial Arts
Jessie Lentz recently celebrated two years seizure-free and reflects on how martial arts has helped her overcome the challenges of living with epilepsy.
Where I Am Now: Two Years After COVID-19 Hospitalization
South Jersey resident Tom McLaughlin recounts his battle coming off of a ventilator and how he’s managing long-term heart complications, while still living life to the fullest.
Model Train Enthusiast Back on Track After Deep Brain Stimulation for Hand Tremors
Deep brain stimulation brought Charles Schellenger relief from his hand tremors and helped him to regain a sense of independence.
How One Patient Recovered Their Taste and Smell After COVID
Nancy Damato went from being a perfume collector to being a part of a clinical trial to regain her sense of taste and smell.
Can Abnormal Liver Proteins Cause Heart Failure?
Neuropathy, sudden weight loss, carpal tunnel and fainting led to a patient’s 20-year journey to an accurate diagnosis of cardiac amyloidosis.