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Patient Perspectives

Local Moms Share Their Experiences Working With Lactation Consultants
Working with a lactation consultant before and after the birth of your baby can help you overcome the challenges of breastfeeding and achieve feedings with comfort and confidence.
Specialized Treatment and Continuity of Care Put Firefighter on Path to Recovery
Volunteer firefighter Shawn Menear was trapped for 40 minutes in a burning home in Central Pennsylvania. What came after he survived is a remarkable journey of healing and support.
Surviving Bladder Cancer with a Community of Support
Taking a team-based, personalized approach helped Pat Wagner persevere through a rare cancer diagnosis, treatment and remission.
A Young Mom’s First-Hand Account Coping with a Rare Cancer Diagnosis
Jena Tracey, 35, shares what it was like persevering through intense treatment for a rare leg sarcoma and what she’s excited for most in the next chapter of her life.
Moyamoya: A Young Stroke Survivor and Her Mom Tackle a Rare Diagnosis
Brandi Conway battled severe headaches and strange neurological symptoms for years. One day, in the summer of 2021, it all came to a head. At 21 years old, she had a stroke.
The Unexpected Gift of COVID Recovery
It’s been two years since Gerard Baus was desperately ill with COVID-19. While he’s doing well and is back to work as assistant director of Protective Services at Einstein Healthcare Network, he’s not fully recovered.
She Counts Co-workers as Her Heroes
Clinician Sharanda Williamson was hours away from a blood clot ending her life.
New Start at Life Following Double Transplant
Crystal Safford struggled with progressive heart disease, then heart failure and found out she needed a new heart and a new kidney.
What I Wish People Knew About Being a Young Adult with Multiple Sclerosis
A 25-year-old nurse with multiple sclerosis reflects on her unexpected diagnosis, how she’s learned to cope and how people can be supportive of others’ health journeys.
Michael Lucidonio Shares Reflections Two Years after COVID-19 Hospitalization
Tony Luke's son Michael Lucidonio remembers when he was put on a ventilator, confronting his own mortality, and shares an update on how he continues to recover today.
How a Former College Athlete Survived a Life-Threatening Pulmonary Embolism
What began as a routine recovery following surgery to repair a sports injury led to the discovery of a life-threatening pulmonary embolism.