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Healthy You

Taking Care of Your Mental Well-Being During a Pandemic
Tips and strategies from a mental health expert on coping with stress, keeping up routines, and staying connected while in isolation.
At-Home Exercise Programs With Little or No Equipment Needed
Jefferson’s director of fitness and wellness offers pointers on how to stay fit while socially distancing.
Half of Americans Have High Blood Pressure. Are You at Risk?
Nearly 30 million Americans have joined the ranks of people battling high blood pressure—not because their health has changed in any significant way, but because the guidelines for hypertension have evolved.
How to Make a Heart Healthy Salad
Most people think of salads as a health food, but if you’ve ever looked at the calories in salads at restaurants, you know that sometimes they pack more calories than a cheeseburger and fries!
Video Gaming Injuries Are on the Rise
The amount of overuse injuries that can result from all that play time is out of control.
12 Reasons to Visit a Cardiologist
The heart beats about 115,000 times per day pumping approximately 2,000 gallons of blood through your body. Needless to say, keeping it healthy is crucial to survival.
A Brief History: Going Vegan Isn’t Anything New
On May 1, 2019, Beyond Meat, a company that produces meat-free look-alikes to classic meat products, priced its initial public offering at $25 a share. Today, not even a year later, the share price sits at $119.49 after climbing to an astounding $239.71 last year. What's driving this food frenzy?
Subtle Signs of a Heart Attack Every Woman Should Recognize
Signs of a heart attack can be so subtle for women that some do not even realize they've had a heart attack until they go to the doctor for a seemingly unrelated symptom, like back or jaw pain.
How to Navigate the World of Skin Care Ingredients
Ever feel overwhelmed by options in the skin care isle? We sat down with dermatologist Dr. Nazanin Saedi to find out how to choose the right skin care products (and avoid the wrong ones).
Recommended Lung Nodule Screenings Are Saving Lives
Lung nodules aren’t usually what bring you to the doctor’s office. In fact, they rarely come with symptoms. However, if you are at an elevated risk for lung damage due to medical or lifestyle factors, it’s important to work with your healthcare provider on a screening plan.
Do At-Home Remedies for Vaginitis Work?
Before you even think of searching for at-home remedies for vaginitis on the internet, you need a proper diagnosis of what's actually happening.