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Time is Brain: Why It’s Important to Get Treated for Stroke ASAP
Knowing the telltale signs of a stroke is critical to getting immediate medical attention. Read on to understand what happens during a stroke and lifesaving treatment options.
Head & Neck Cancers: A How-to and Why You Should Do a Self-Exam Guide
Catching cancer early often starts at home. Here’s what may increase your risk for head or neck cancer and the early warning signs you can look for.
What to Expect from Your First Session with a Therapist
Seeking professional help is a courageous first step. Here’s how to prepare.
Easy Ways to Improve Vaginal Health
A Jefferson nurse midwife weighs in with tips she offers her patients to keep their vagina healthy and happy, from foods to eat to safe sex practices.
Allergist Offers Her Tips for Treating Spring Allergies
Dr. Monica Gupta discusses how to prepare for and manage your allergies this season and what therapies are available.
Study Looks to Break the Barriers to Colorectal Cancer Screening through Research, Community, and Connection
A medical-oncologist shares how local research is tackling key barriers to care to help improve rates of screening and early detection.
Preparing for a Colonoscopy: Managing Expectations and Easing Anxieties
The bottom line is that anxiety is natural, but there is no need to fear a colonoscopy. Screenings save lives.
What You Need to Know About At-Home Colorectal Cancer Screenings
There are caveats, but home test options exist for those squeamish about colonoscopy procedures.
Common Headaches: What They Mean & How to ‘Head Off’ the Pain
Ever wonder why you suffer from headaches more than the next person? A neurologist discusses triggers, symptoms, treatment, and techniques to alleviate pain.
Expert Tips and Remedies for Healing Dry Hands
If you’ve become hyperaware of hand hygiene during the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re not alone. Read on for ways to find relief for dry hands from winter weather and frequent washing/sanitizing.
How Weight Impacts Your Cancer Risk
Overweight and obesity are associated with 13 different types of cancer. Here’s how fat tissue is linked to cancer growth and approachable ways to achieve healthy weight loss.