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Healthy You

Understanding Social Anxiety and How to Reconnect with Your Sense of Self
Clinical psychologist Dr. Virginia O’Hayer joins the podcast to talk about the potential impacts the pandemic has had on our mental health, including socializing anxieties and losing your sense of self, along with strategies to reconnect.
Fall Prevention Tips to Help Older Loved Ones
Falls are more common than you may think, especially for people 65 and older. Here are some tips for preventing accidents before they occur.
Your Guide to a Healthier Thanksgiving
A health guide to Thanksgiving does not have to be synonymous with tips to reduce your calorie intake at the main meal. Here are ways to support a mind body connection, from recognizing hunger cues to mindful meditation.
Eight Tips to Help Support Sobriety at Social Gatherings
From making small suggestions, to focusing on your overall well-being, a psychiatrist explains how to navigate social gatherings when sober.
What’s the Best Way to Use Cannabis for Cancer Symptoms?
Expert advice on using cannabis products to alleviate the symptoms of cancer and cancer treatment.
Recommended Lung Cancer Screenings Are Saving Lives
Lung nodules go beyond cancer. Here’s what you need to know about what they mean, what happens if one is found and when lung cancer screening may be right for you.
Podcast: How 21-Minute Walks Can Greatly Impact Your Health
Lace up those sneakers! Dr. Christine Marschilok joins the latest episode of The Health Nexus Podcast to validate walking as a legitimate form of exercise and break down its many benefits.
Seasonal Affective Disorder: Tips for Brightening Your Mood on Shorter, Dark Days
Daily light therapy from a tabletop light box and walks in bright winter sunshine lead the way in relieving seasonal affective disorder.
Here’s How to Protect Your Heart Health During the Holidays
An emergency medicine specialist and cardiologist explain how the holidays can pose health risks and how to make them more “heart-friendly.”
How to Prevent or Reverse Diabetes, Including after a COVID-19 Infection
An endocrinologist and family medicine specialist explain how diabetes can be triggered as an immune response to COVID-19 and what you can do to ward it off.
What to Know Before Buying Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids
Adults with hearing loss should consider their options carefully and remain mindful about taking care of their hearing health.