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When is Watchful Waiting Appropriate for Prostate Cancer Patients?
For some older patients with prostate cancer, active treatment isn’t always the best option for their health. Instead, watchful waiting could be the right choice.
Eight Skin Symptoms You Should
Never Ignore
A dermatologist and medical oncologist recommend self-skin checks and keeping an eye on these unexpected symptoms that could indicate cancer, infection or other issues.
Monkeypox Is Not the Next Pandemic
While we continue to protect ourselves against COVID-19, the chances of facing a monkeypox pandemic are very low.
How a Spinal Cord Injury Impacts the Body and Ways to Treat It
A spinal cord injury cannot be cured, but treatment can help prevent additional injuries and irreversible damage.
Is it Seasonal Allergies or COVID-19?
Loss of smell can happen with seasonal allergy, but may also be an early sign of COVID-19 disease. Doctors weigh in for the answers.
Are We Still in a Pandemic? Adjusting to the New COVID Normal
Among fluctuating COVID cases, ever-evolving variants and unclear masking policies, here’s what you need to know about where the pandemic stands.
Time is Brain: Why It’s Important to Get Treated for Stroke ASAP
Knowing the telltale signs of a stroke is critical to getting immediate medical attention. Read on to understand what happens during a stroke and lifesaving treatment options.
How to Save a Life with a Tourniquet
After a severe injury, a person can bleed out in under five minutes. Having and using a tourniquet can save someone’s life.
Head & Neck Cancers: A How-to and Why You Should Do a Self-Exam Guide
Catching cancer early often starts at home. Here’s what may increase your risk for head or neck cancer and the early warning signs you can look for.
In Case of an Emergency: ER Wait Times Explained and More
If you’re ever waiting in the emergency room, the triage process and how emergencies are handled may feel disconnected or even unorganized, but all is not as it may appear.
What to Expect from Your First Session with a Therapist
Seeking professional help is a courageous first step. Here’s how to prepare.