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How performing more than 1,600 Whipple procedures has advanced the fight against pancreatic cancer.
Food as Medicine
How MANNA, a Philadelphia volunteer service, helps a Jefferson physician nourish her patients to achieve greater health.
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A cardiac rehabilitation specialist offers the tips she gives her heart patients to start a fall fitness routine.
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What Foods to Eat & Avoid During Breast Cancer Treatment
When you’re battling a disease like breast cancer, a nutritious diet can be one of your strongest allies in the fight.
The Warning Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer You Need to Know
A lump in your breast might be the most known warning sign of cancer, but it certainly isn’t the only one.
Cancer Researchers’ Failure to Disclose Industry Payments Damages Patient Trust — and Care
Any relationship with industry, whether with a center director or any other member of the scientific or medical community, must be honest.
When to Take Your Daughter to the Gynecologist
Puberty can be a nerve-wracking time for parents and their children. Pediatric gynecologist Dr. Beth Schwartz breaks down when is the right time to take this step.
Think Before You Ink: Tattoos Can Complicate an MRI Scan
To some, tattoos will always be taboo while to others it is a sign of expression. Regardless of opinion, could they be harmful to your health?
The Importance of Monitoring Your Child After a Drowning Scare
Secondary drowning is a lesser known threat, but is imperative to understand to promote water safety.