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From the Experts

Facts and Myths About Organ Donation
Critically ill patients in need of an organ transplant are in a race against time, though many are not registered to donate due to fear of the unknown.
Am I Passing a Kidney Stone? Warning Signs, Risk Factors and Prevention
Kidney stones can strike unexpectedly. Here’s what typically causes stones, what passing them feels like and what you can do.
Spinal Cord Injuries: What Are They?
Your spinal cord is essential to your body’s functioning—here’s what happens when it’s damaged and warning signs to be aware of.
How Midwives Work Alongside Your OB/GYN and Primary Provider
When most people think about midwives, they think about labor and birth. However, their extensive training in gender-specific health care that goes far beyond pregnancy.
Preparing for a Colonoscopy: Managing Expectations and Easing Anxieties
The bottom line is that anxiety is natural, but there is no need to fear a colonoscopy. Screenings save lives.
What You Need to Know About At-Home Colorectal Cancer Screenings
There are caveats, but home test options exist for those squeamish about colonoscopy procedures.
Endometriosis vs. Endometrial Cancer: Key Differences You Should Know
A midwife and gynecologic oncologist debunk the misconception that the two similarly named conditions are linked, discussing their causes, symptoms, and more.
Dr. John Zurlo on COVID-19, Reflections and Future Projections
Infectious disease specialist Dr. Zurlo reflects back on the pandemic, offers updates on the current status of the virus and looks ahead to the future with hope.
What You Need to Know About Blood Clots
From risk factors to prevention tips, a vascular medicine specialist weighs in with how to avoid the potentially life-threatening condition.
Why a Genetic Counselor Should Be a Part of Your Healthcare Team
Curious about how a genetic counselor could inform and enhance your healthcare? We sat down with cancer genetic counselor Kylie Borden to find out.
How to Protect Your Heart Health During and After Cancer Treatment
Some life-saving cancer treatments can take a toll on how the heart functions. A cardio-oncologist explains who is at risk and how to mitigate complications.