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From the Experts

Broken Heart Syndrome: Understanding Why It Happens and What You Can Do
Can an emotional event really “break” your heart? A cardiologist explains what triggers broken heart syndrome, how it differs from a heart attack and more.
Red Flags a Therapist Isn’t Right for You
How can you check the vibe with your therapist to ensure your growth goals are being met? Psychologist Dr. Jamie Hagenbaugh weighs in.
Seven Things You Should Know About Gallbladder Attacks and Removal
Gallstones and inflammation can cause recurrent unwelcome pain. A general surgeon explains why this happens and what to expect if you need surgery.
How a ‘Whole-Person’ Approach to Wellness Can Help You through a Cancer Diagnosis
Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center experts share resources and tips for taking care of your mental, emotional and physical well-being to help support healing.
How to Use the New Suicide and Crisis Lifeline Number 988
Dr. Matthew Wintersteen, a psychologist and Pennsylvania leader in establishing this national lifeline, offers everything you need to know about the new three-digit number.
How to Recognize and Support Someone Who Feels Hopeless
Is someone you care about just down, or is it more serious? Jefferson mental health experts share warning signs of suicide that shouldn’t be missed, and how to reach out with a listening ear.
Expect the Unexpected: What You’ll Experience Inside the Jefferson Emergency Room
During an emergency, the last thing you want to worry about is who is treating your condition, injury or illness.
What Causes Arterial Plaque and How to Determine Your Personal Risk
Heart health is important to overall health—here’s how to know if you’re at risk for arterial plaque buildup.
Sleeping Soundly: Is There Really a Surgery to Stop Your Snoring?
Loud snoring is just a nuisance for some. But for others, it could pose some serious health issues.
Six Everyday Habits That Could Hurt Your Eyesight
An ophthalmologist explains how common habits, like excessive screen time or rubbing your eyes, can impact your eyesight more than you think.
Your Monkeypox Questions, Answered
Infectious diseases expert Dr. John Zurlo breaks down what you need to know about monkeypox and how to protect yourself from getting sick.