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What Foods To Eat & Avoid During Breast Cancer Treatment
When you’re battling a disease like breast cancer, a nutritious diet can be one of your strongest allies in the fight.
The Warning Signs and Symptoms Of Breast Cancer You Need To Know
A lump in your breast might be the most known warning sign of cancer, but it certainly isn’t the only one.
Cancer Researchers’ Failure To Disclose Industry Payments Damages Patient Trust — And Care
Any relationship with industry, whether with a center director or any other member of the scientific or medical community, must be honest.
When to Take Your Daughter to the Gynecologist
Puberty can be a nerve-wracking time for parents and their children. Pediatric gynecologist Dr. Beth Schwartz breaks down when is the right time to take this step.
Could Tattoos Complicate an MRI Scan?
To some, tattoos will always be taboo while to others it is a sign of expression. Regardless of opinion, could they be harmful to your health?
The Importance of Monitoring Your Child after a Drowning Scare
Secondary drowning is a lesser known threat, but is imperative to understand to promote water safety.
Recognizing the Early Signs of Autism
As a parent of a young child, you spend what seems like every waking hour meeting your little one’s needs and helping them progress to the next milestone in life. While the timing of those milestones will vary to some degree, your pediatrician will provide you with basic guidelines on what to expect – from babbling and crawling to taking first steps and speaking first words – and when.
Ongoing Back Pain?
A ‘Stimulating’ Approach
If surgery can’t eliminate your back pain, spinal cord stimulation very well might.
7 Ways to Make Your Heart Stronger
A healthy diet and lifestyle is the best recipe to prevent cardiovascular disease.  Small changes in your lifestyle can add up and make you live longer and healthier.  Making positive changes in your lifestyle is not as hard as you think.