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From the Experts

Abnormal Pap Tests: What They Mean & What Happens Next
An abnormal Pap doesn’t necessarily mean HPV or cancer. Here’s what a Pap can detect and what the next steps are depending on your results.
Six Common HPV Vaccine Myths Debunked
From age requirements to rare side effects, women’s health nurse practitioners share the facts on the vaccine that guards against cervical cancer and more.
What Is a Penile Implant and How Can It Treat Erectile Dysfunction?
Half of men over 40 experience erectile dysfunction—here’s one of the most effective and predictable treatment options.
Why Blood Transfusions for People with Cancer Are Necessary
Blood donations help support life-saving treatments, such as chemotherapy. A hematologist-oncologist and transfusion medicine specialist explain how you can help.
What Causes Erectile Dysfunction and How to Prevent and Treat It
Erectile dysfunction is more common than you might think. Here’s what to know about the causes, risk factors, and treatment options.
Five Blood Donation Myths Debunked
Think you can't donate blood because you recently received a COVID-19 vaccine? Think again. We spoke with experts at the Jefferson Blood Donor Center to separate fact from fiction.
How to Create Long-Lasting Resolutions, According to Dietitians
Two Jefferson registered dietitians discuss how to establish and maintain sustainable lifestyle changes for the new year and beyond.
How to Manage Your Weight during Holidays and Celebrations
A registered dietitian offers ways to create ideal food environments and tips on keeping mindfulness at the forefront so you can enjoy celebrations while sticking to your healthy eating habits.
COVID-19 Update: Boosters, Floosters and the Omicron Variant
Infectious disease experts discuss the latest on COVID-19 boosters, timing flu shots and the Omicron variant.
The Science Behind Giving Back
An integrative medicine specialist discusses how doing good impacts the brain and body.
COVID Vaccinations and Pregnancy: What You Need to Know
We spoke with experts to better understand the benefits of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine while pregnant and breastfeeding.