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From the Experts

Six Everyday Habits That Could Hurt Your Eyesight
An ophthalmologist explains how common habits, like excessive screen time or rubbing your eyes, can impact your eyesight more than you think.
Your Monkeypox Questions, Answered
Infectious diseases expert Dr. John Zurlo breaks down what you need to know about monkeypox and how to protect yourself from getting sick.
Unexpected Distress Signals Sent from Your Heart
The symptoms of potential cardiovascular problems aren’t always obvious. Any change to your health should be examined by a doctor promptly.
Common GI Symptoms That Should Never Be Ignored
Occasional heartburn is one thing, but recurring symptoms can indicate a more serious problem.
TAVR Turns 20, How This Procedure Has Evolved to Treat More Patients
Over the past two decades, TAVR has changed the way we treat aortic valve stenosis.
10 Common Breastfeeding Questions Answered
You don’t have to navigate your breastfeeding journey alone. Here, a lactation consultant offers advice and sources of support for new parents.
What You Need to Know before Getting a Vasectomy
Urologist Dr. Paul Chung shares what to expect during and after this minor outpatient procedure, and about effectiveness and reversal.
Managing Periods as a Transgender or Non-Binary Teen
Expert advice on navigating your healthcare options when menstruation causes distress and dysphoria.
What Is Metabolism? How It Works and Relates to Weight Loss
While metabolism may be the driver behind how your body uses and burns energy, many experts agree that focusing on metabolism alone can’t guarantee better health.
Don’t Hit Snooze On Your Brain Health: How Sleep and Strokes Are Related
Poor sleep can put you at risk for stroke, and vice versa. Here’s what you need to know about how to keep your brain healthy and identify a sleep disorder.
How to Navigate a Healthy Prenatal Diet
A balanced, nutritious diet is important for both your and your baby’s health. Here’s what to focus on eating while pregnant.