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How COVID Can Affect Your Heart Health
The effects of COVID on your heart are widespread, and can happen to anyone—from those with severe illness to those with no initial symptoms at all.
Michael Lucidonio Shares Reflections Two Years after COVID-19 Hospitalization
Tony Luke's son Michael Lucidonio remembers when he was put on a ventilator, confronting his own mortality, and shares an update on how he continues to recover today.
Where I Am Now: Two Years After COVID-19 Hospitalization
South Jersey resident Tom McLaughlin recounts his battle coming off of a ventilator and how he’s managing long-term heart complications, while still living life to the fullest.
Doctors Feel Hopeful About Restoring Taste and Smell Loss After COVID
The second phase of a clinical trial for patients to regain their sense of taste and smell is about to begin, and it is showing promising results.
Dr. John Zurlo on COVID-19, Reflections and Future Projections
Infectious disease specialist Dr. Zurlo reflects back on the pandemic, offers updates on the current status of the virus and looks ahead to the future with hope.
Capturing the Experiences of New Mothers during COVID-19
New moms participate in a research project to document the early weeks of motherhood with photos, and reflect on the challenges and adaptations of the pandemic.
Podcast: COVID Update- Omicron variant, Antibody Therapies, and At-Home Testing
Chief of Infectious Diseases reminds public to avoid Emergency Rooms for testing, at-home tests are sufficient
Seasonal Affective Disorder: Tips for Brightening Your Mood on Shorter, Dark Days
Daily light therapy from a tabletop light box and walks in bright winter sunshine lead the way in relieving seasonal affective disorder—even during the COVID-19 pandemic.
COVID-19 Update: Boosters, Floosters and the Omicron Variant
Infectious disease experts discuss the latest on COVID-19 boosters, timing flu shots and the Omicron variant.
COVID Vaccinations and Pregnancy: What You Need to Know
We spoke with experts to better understand the benefits of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine while pregnant and breastfeeding.
Podcast: How to Safely Gather This Holiday Season
Evaluating your personal risk for COVID and layering safety measures can help keep you and your family safe.