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Jessica Lopez
COVID-19 Update: Boosters, Floosters and the Omicron Variant
Infectious disease experts discuss the latest on COVID-19 boosters, timing flu shots and the Omicron variant.
The Science Behind Giving Back
An integrative medicine specialist discusses how doing good impacts the brain and body.
Dazed and Dizzy: What’s Causing My Vertigo?
Commonly characterized by a feeling of spinning, vertigo can be a scary and confusing symptom of a larger problem.
Here’s How You Can Survive & Enjoy the Holidays While Pregnant
A Jefferson Health midwife explains the impacts of stress on pregnancy and simple techniques you can use to make your days stress-free.
Eight Tips to Help Support Sobriety at Social Gatherings
From making small suggestions, to focusing on your overall well-being, a psychiatrist explains how to navigate social gatherings when sober.
Getting Through the Holidays as a Member of the LGBTQ+ Community
If you’re worried about going home for the holidays, here’s how to deal with negative comments and cope in healthy ways.
How a Near-Fatal Heart Murmur Changed a Physician’s Outlook
Family medicine physician Dr. Neil Skolnik dismissed symptoms months before he discovered his own heart murmur using his stethoscope in his office. His surgery journey will forever change his perspective on life.
William’s Early Lung Cancer Detection Success Story
We often hear about the importance of cancer screening within a context of fear. If you wait too long, it could be too late. But William’s lung cancer screening story is one of success and hope for the future.
The Expected & Unexpected Symptoms of Lung Cancer You Need to Know
It’s a common misconception that lung cancer has definitive symptoms or “early signs,” when in reality, lung cancer is very sneaky.
How Do You Know If You Have GERD?
A gastroenterologist shares steps to identifying and managing the symptoms of acid reflux, as well as potential triggers.
Your Guide to a Healthier Thanksgiving
A health guide to Thanksgiving does not have to be synonymous with tips to reduce your calorie intake at the main meal. Here are ways to support a mind body connection, from recognizing hunger cues to mindful meditation.