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Jessica Lopez
What I Wish People Knew About Living with Chronic Migraines
Yes, the chronic migraine attacks are daily and part of Sarah Ogden’s life. The diagnosis and pain crippled her before she found strength through lifestyle adoptions to regain control of her own health.
Dementia During COVID-19: More Than Just a Virus
From social isolation to anxiety and depression, dementia patients and their caregivers have been burdened with more than just fear of getting sick during the pandemic.
Effort Aims to Improve Life for Patients With a Rare Disease
Cross-disciplinary team of students and faculty working with those battling Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva.
Five Easy Ways to Promote Heart Health Every Day
Dr. Andria Jones, a cardiologist who specializes in women’s cardiovascular disease, offers five easy ways to support your heart health every day.
COVID-19 Pandemic Stress Could Be Triggering Restless Leg Syndrome
Tips for easing restless leg syndrome at home, and its possible connections to COVID-19.
How to Keep Your Heart Healthy During COVID-19
The pandemic has impacted us in many ways, but it’s time to show your heart some love. Here, cardiologists offer tips to get back on track.
Infection Control: How I Let the Coronavirus Into My Home (and How I Stopped It)
Dr. Kimberly Heckert is a physiatrist at an all COVID-19 rehab facility. She took every precaution to ensure she would not bring the virus home. She was blindsided when it found a way in.
Your COVID-19 Vaccine Questions, Answered
Wondering which vaccine is the best one to receive, still on the fence about their safety, curious about what happens after vaccination? Here’s what we know.
A Breast Cancer Diagnosis Followed Finding a Small Lump, But This NJ Mom Is Fighting
Christina is surrounded by the support of her family and friends as she receives integrated care in both New Jersey and Center City and undergoes radiation treatment on the Linear Accelerator (LINAC) machine, a new state-of-the-art technology available.
Gastric Sleeve Surgery Reveals Rare Cancer Recurrence For New Jersey Mom
Cristin Polizzi overcame a rare form of cancer and may have never known of its recurrence if it wasn’t for weight loss surgery. Now she enjoys a new lease on life with her daughter.
A New LGBTQ+ Affirming Practice Focuses on Safe and Compassionate Care
This winter, Jefferson Health Haddonfield Primary & Specialty Care will open, providing a safe space for LGBTQ+ patients to seek inclusive, multidisciplinary care.