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Jessica Lopez
How to Handle Halloween Candy According to a Dietitian
Halloween candy might not be known for its health benefits, but some treats do pack nutritional benefits that others lack.
How to Handle Halloween During COVID-19
A family medicine physician talks redefining trick-or-treating, safe alternatives and shares how she plans on celebrating with her own child.
Four Dietitian-Approved Reasons to Add More Pumpkin to Your Diet
Whether fresh from a pumpkin patch or right from a can, pumpkin packs a nutritional punch from its low calorie/high fiber content to its richness in disease-preventing vitamins.
Step by Step: What to Do If You Think You Have COVID-19
From what to do if you start having symptoms, the differences between COVID-19 tests, what to do if you test positive, to when you can re-enter society safely, this is your complete guide to care.
Can You Have Natural Immunity
to COVID-19?
Dr. John Zurlo breaks down the difference between natural immunity and vaccine-induced immunity, and why COVID-19 vaccination remains critical.
Is a Midwife Right for You?
You may have heard of a midwife from a friend or perhaps from a recent binge of “Call The Midwife” on Netflix, but do you know what midwives actually do?
Sickle Cell Patients Need Our Compassion
Jefferson doctors, and long-time patient, Julius Adams, ask others to listen and understand the pain of sickle cell disease.
Best Practices For Face Masks For Your Children
Here are the mask-wearing best practices you need to know, from best types of masks, to how often they need to be washed.
10 Things Everyone Should Know About Mammograms
Jefferson radiologists discuss breast cancer risk factors, how to prepare for routine screening, and debunk common misconceptions, including how COVID-19 vaccines could affect results.
How to Find Relief from Fall Allergies
Seasonal allergies are never fun to deal with—here’s how to avoid sneezing up a storm and nip those symptoms in the bud.
My Coming Out Story: A Second-Year Medical Student Reflects on His Journey
Sidney Kimmel Medical College student Paul Endres shares his coming out moments, what it means to be an advocate and his hopes for the future of LGBTQ+ medical care.