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Jessica Lopez
What I Wish People Knew About Stiff Person Syndrome
A South Jersey woman describes what it is like living with stiff-person syndrome (SPS), a progressive, autoimmune and neurological condition that is estimated to affect one in a million people worldwide.
Here’s How to Protect Your Heart Health During the Holidays
An emergency medicine specialist and cardiologist explain how the holidays can pose health risks and how to make them more “heart-friendly.”
How to Prevent or Reverse Diabetes, Including after a COVID-19 Infection
An endocrinologist and family medicine specialist explain how diabetes can be triggered as an immune response to COVID-19 and what you can do to ward it off.
How to Make a Smooth Daylight Saving Transition
While for some "falling back" one hour means extra time in bed, others struggle to adjust their internal clock to the new daylight pattern. Read on for tips to ensure a satisfying snooze!
What to Know Before Buying Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids
Adults with hearing loss should consider their options carefully and remain mindful about taking care of their hearing health.
Is Moderate Coffee Drinking Good for Your Health?
Recent research suggests major health benefits to consuming coffee—even increasing longevity. That’s certainly encouraging, but more data and continued moderation are necessary.
Podcast: Anxiety and What to Know Before Starting Medication
Adult psychiatrist Dr. Tal Weinberger joins the podcast to normalize anxiety and offer actionable steps when it feels overwhelming, including positive lifestyle choices and starting anti-anxiety medication.
Recognizing Signs of Depression and When It May Be Time to Start Medication
Dr. Tal Weinberger, an adult psychiatrist, discusses symptoms of depression and how she approaches diagnosis and medication management with her patients.
How to Handle Halloween Candy According to a Dietitian
Halloween candy might not be known for its health benefits, but some treats do pack nutritional benefits that others lack.
This Is the Best Diet for Better Breast Cancer Outcomes
Better breast cancer outcomes could begin with adopting a primarily plant-based diet.
Four Dietitian-Approved Reasons to Add More Pumpkin to Your Diet
Whether fresh from a pumpkin patch or right from a can, pumpkin packs a nutritional punch from its low calorie/high fiber content to its richness in disease-preventing vitamins.