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Jessica Lopez
Getting Through the Holidays as a Member of the LGBTQ+ Community
If you’re worried about going home for the holidays, here’s how to deal with negative comments and cope in healthy ways.
How a Near-Fatal Heart Murmur Changed a Physician’s Outlook
Family medicine physician Dr. Neil Skolnik dismissed symptoms months before he discovered his own heart murmur using his stethoscope in his office. His surgery journey will forever change his perspective on life.
William’s Early Lung Cancer Detection Success Story
We often hear about the importance of cancer screening within a context of fear. If you wait too long, it could be too late. But William’s lung cancer screening story is one of success and hope for the future.
The Expected & Unexpected Symptoms of Lung Cancer You Need to Know
It’s a common misconception that lung cancer has definitive symptoms or “early signs,” when in reality, lung cancer is very sneaky.
How Do You Know If You Have GERD?
A gastroenterologist shares steps to identifying and managing the symptoms of acid reflux, as well as potential triggers.
How to Cope with Grief During the Holidays
Safe Harbor program coordinators share their tips on opening lines of communication and connection, establishing new family traditions, guidance on how to support grieving loved ones and more.
Cannabis and Cancer: What You Should Know
Cannabis can be used medicinally for pain and nausea relief, particularly during cancer treatment, but can it have preventative or curative potential?
Is It Safe To Attend Family Gatherings This Holiday Season?
While many people are vaccinated, COVID-19 still poses a risk to family gatherings. Emergency medicine physician Dr. Efrat Kean weighs in on how to minimize your level of risk.
‘Eye’ Can See Clearly: What You Should Know About Diabetic Retinopathy and How to Reduce Your Risk
An ophthalmologist and diabetes educator discuss what causes diabetic retinopathy and how you can stop it in its tracks.
How Lung Cancer Can Affect People Who Have Never Smoked
A pulmonologist discusses various environmental and health factors that can contribute to lung cancer risk, and what you can do to be proactive.
Why Empathy Is Critical in Health Care
Dr. Jennifer Hummel shares why being a good doctor is about more than just a medical degree and how empathy is a key element in patient care.