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Jessica Lopez
Abnormal Pap Smears: What They Mean & What Happens Next
An abnormal Pap doesn’t necessarily mean HPV or cancer. Here’s what a Pap can detect and what the next steps are depending on your results.
Why Nutrition is Key During Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy
It’s important to set your body up for success when preparing for significant changes to your health. Here’s how to lower your risk for several long-term complications.
Innovative Knee Implant Provides Virtual Feedback on Post-surgery Rehab
The HIPAA-compliant technology tracks mobility, stride and more to help patients recover more quickly.
No Quick Fix: But You Can Increase Your Longevity
Longevity has declined because of the pandemic. How can we start to increase our life expectancy?
How Botox Is Used for Pain Management and Physical Rehab
Botox has many medical uses beyond smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Dr. Guy Fried explains how providers use Botox to treat symptoms of neurological disorders and physical/occupational therapy.
New Start at Life Following Double Transplant
Crystal Safford struggled with progressive heart disease, then heart failure and found out she needed a new heart and a new kidney.
Mouth Taping and Why Breathing Cold Air Hurts Your Lungs
Pulmonologist Dr. Jessica Most joins the podcast to break down why the winter months can be particularly difficult on the lungs and things you can do at home to protect them. Plus, she offers her take on the mouth taping trend.
Here Are the Best Ways to Protect Yourself Against COVID, Flu and RSV
Infectious diseases specialist Dr. Todd Levin offers simple tips to stay healthy during the so-called “tridemic.”
Here’s How You Can Survive & Enjoy the Holidays While Pregnant
A Jefferson Health midwife explains the impacts of stress on pregnancy and simple techniques you can use to make your days stress-free.
How to Cope with Grief During the Holidays
Safe Harbor program coordinators share their tips on opening lines of communication and connection, establishing new family traditions, guidance on how to support grieving loved ones and more.
How to Manage Your Weight during Holidays and Celebrations
A registered dietitian offers ways to create ideal food environments and tips on keeping mindfulness at the forefront so you can enjoy celebrations while sticking to your healthy eating habits.