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Jessica Lopez
Gestational Diabetes: What You Need to Know to Manage or Prevent It
A midwife shares why gestational diabetes might develop, tips for reducing unnecessary risks for you and your baby and much more.
12 Things Everyone Should Know About Mammograms
Jefferson radiologists discuss everything you need to know about screening, from how to prepare and address warning signs to what to do if you’re re-called for another screening.
Breast Cysts vs. Cancer: What to Do if You Feel a Lump
Breast surgeon Dr. Susanna Nazarian discusses maintaining breast health, new breast masses and why it’s important to keep up with regular screening mammograms.
Sickle Cell Patients Need Our Compassion
Jefferson doctors, and long-time patient, Julius Adams, ask others to listen and understand the pain of sickle cell disease.
Types of Prostate Cancer Screenings and Why They’re Important
A Jefferson urologist breaks down when men should start getting screened, types of tests available and weighs in on the necessity of rectal exams.
Targeting Sepsis: Early Detection and Treatment Are Critical
September is Sepsis Awareness Month, a national effort to raise awareness of a leading cause of deaths in U.S. hospitals.
Broken Heart Syndrome: Understanding Why It Happens and What You Can Do
Can an emotional event really “break” your heart? A cardiologist explains what triggers broken heart syndrome, how it differs from a heart attack and more.
Red Flags a Therapist Isn’t Right for You
How can you check the vibe with your therapist to ensure your growth goals are being met? Psychologist Dr. Jamie Hagenbaugh weighs in.
Seven Things You Should Know About Gallbladder Attacks and Removal
Gallstones and inflammation can cause recurrent unwelcome pain. A general surgeon explains why this happens and what to expect if you need surgery.
What a Return to the Office May Mean for Your Feet
For some, trading in slippers for more formal footwear will require a little conditioning.
How a ‘Whole-Person’ Approach to Wellness Can Help You through a Cancer Diagnosis
Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center experts share resources and tips for taking care of your mental, emotional and physical well-being to help support healing.