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Jefferson Health

Home of Sidney Kimmel Medical College

A Conversation About Coronavirus with Jefferson Health President Dr. Bruce Meyer

Episode seven of The Health Nexus Podcast

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting everyone. Our societal norms of interacting with each other are being interrupted and our daily schedules are upended. Dr. Bruce Meyer, President of Jefferson Health, talks about how kindness and compassion, hand-washing and sanitizing, and self-care are all key in making sure we work together as a society to fight this. He addresses social distancing (why do we need it?) and flattening the curve (what is this curve and why does it need to be flat?).

Check out more stories on The Health Nexus about the coronavirus, like how telemedicine is playing a big rolehow the mobile testing sites work, and more information about the importance of flattening the curve.

Also, read more from Dr. Meyer. He and other experts from Jefferson Health answer more questions about the coronavirus and offer a call to action for Philadelphia.


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